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Organization Profile (2020)
Background GAN Research and Learning Resource Centre is an innovative not for profit social enterprise - A sister entity of #Global Action Nepal (GAN)
The Centre was established at a challenging time in Nepal when about a third of the national population was affected by the 2015 earthquakes and beginning of the era of sustainable development goals as outlined by the United Nations.

However, initially, it has started its journey by engaging itself in disaster relief response particularly in rural local communities; it then broadened its arena and redefined itself as a resourceful sustainable mechanism as a learning laboratory and resource hub for all imagining future scenarios directly linked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The centre focus on Intergenerational learning, promotes indigenous knowledge, work for skills and innovative technologies, the building of global citizens and valuing lifelong and life wide learning for the 21st century.

Name of the Organization: Gan Research and Learning Resource Centre 
Address : Ganeshchowk, Italytar Budhanilkantha 6
Phone Number: +977-1-4650420
E-mail address :     gancenterlalitpur@gmail.com
Learning Laboratory Centre and Nanda-Devi House : Bhandarichowk, Chunikhle
Lalitpur Metropolitan city 22, Company Registration :        

Learning Laboratory Centre
The Centre aims to be a leading organization for human and material resource development particularly in education, health and disaster relief response establishing a laboratory.

In meeting this aim, the Centre strives to be a focus for the development of effective models and relevant demonstration examples readily available to participants. A learning resource Laboratory is to bring global learning resources together for children and youth in collaboration with # Eltham Rotary Club Australia, #Aussie Action Abroad, #Global Action Nepal and other collaborative partners.

It is not only within the compound of Learning Centre but utilizing Community-based Learning hub as well. The Centre acts as a facilitating umbrella organization for a number of community learning hubs which have set up in rural settings for the facilitation of adult and lifelong learning education.  It also has linked with community-based outreach skills learning hub like wood carving ( Bungmati ), Pottery ( Bhaktapur) agriculture, livestock and making bricks for skills-based learning for national and international visitors.

Capacity Development Courses: The Centre delivers a series of skills based capacity development workshops on management, participatory planning, monitoring evaluation, facilitation, Training of Trainers, staff/organization development, life skills development, disaster relief, proposal writing, report writing, local government capacity enhancement etc. The centre has the ability to organize tailor-made courses on demand /need of Individuals/ organizations / Institutions and communities. The design of courses is to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of the participants. They are also given opportunities to practice their learning in the real-life situations with close observation and effective feedback.

Training Chamber: The centre has multi-venue facilities for all types of official meetings, workshops, seminars, training, and conferences. Groups can utilize the resources at Nanda- Devi House with either day-board or residential facilities. They can also have access to a pool of staff/ national/ International resource persons with expertise that can fulfill a variety of demands of individuals and institutions. It has a hall which can adjusted to accommodate about 80 people in a theatre style, or 40 -60 people in U shape or small groups. The training venue and accommodation house can rented out to organizations or individuals.


The centre has Nanda-Devi House which has 14 rooms (12 with attached bathroom) that can accommodate 30 people, with a dining hall and small group meeting spaces. Tents can be managed to adjust for more people if guests are interested.  The House is located at Chunnikhel in the historical town of Bungamti, predominantly occupied by the Newars. Bungamati lies in  Lalitpur Metropolitan  in the  Lalitpur District of Kathmandu valley . It is a  Newar  village on a spur of land overlooking the  Bagmati River . The historic town is famous for wood carving.

The service has been used by Aussie Action Abroad, Rotary Australia, Global Action Nepal ,

Rotary Club of Dhulikhel, CSCD Nepal, Save the Children, Help Nepal, Udeshya Foundation, Dignity without Danger project etc

SOME PROJECT DELIVERED - (2015-2020) The year 2015 was a very difficult time in Nepal with more than 8000 people killed, over 600,000 homes were destroyed and more than 288,000 were damaged in the 14 worst-hit districts. 

At this time, the Centre concentrated its efforts on building 142 temporary houses, over 5000 families received relief goods, constructed Child-Friendly Spaces and Temporary Learning

Centers, so children could continue their learning, It also organized Psycho-Social counselling training for 500 teachers,  It was very strong in leading a project empowering Local Young Women and Artisans to

Improve the Resilience & Self-Recovery Capacity in Dolakha district. This was undertaken

in collaboration with its sister organization - Global Action Nepal.

The Centre also distributed Water purifier and DRR Boxes to schools and community Learning Centres with the support of Aussie Action Abroad Australia.

The centre also extended their support to local schools to make them child friendly and child-focused, equipping them with child-friendly desk benches, learning materials and teacher professional development courses. It was achieved with the support of Rotary Club of Bath and Dhulikhel. Teacher training was directed at ensuring direct support was given to individual teachers

inside the classroom. Learning Communities Gan Centre has initiated self-sustaining learning communities of teachers, youth, children and women groups; a platform for each group to learn, share, act and create to enhance their skills and abilities. Teachers have been running teachers’ mobile clinics, sports activities through having focal teachers in each school around the Gan Centre. 

Youth Club participants are equipped with life skills and have been organizing co-curricular activities , carrying out action research on a variety of issues. The women’s group has been engaging themselves in adult education including – Livelihood, health / hygiene and advocacy activities. Child clubs have been the platform for children to enhance their life skills and developing understanding of child protection issues, annually organize Run for My school  as a fund raising scheme to run micro level project at the school.  

Current Research being undertaken

 Dignity without Danger in collaboration with Tribhuwan University, John Moore University Liverpool and SOAS UK.

 Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) study  

 Youth Action Research  Publication 

 Better Class Better Learning 

Partner organizations

1. Global Action, UK

2. British Council Nepal

3. Aussie Action Abroad, Australia 

4. John Moore University, UK 

5. Rotary Clubs of Mahaboudha and Eltham, Australia

6. Pahar Trust Nepal, UK

7. Build Change USA


Gan Research and Learning Resource Center (GRLRC) Head office: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal,

Phone: 977-1- 4650420

Learning Laboratory and Nanda–Devi House : Bhandaripati, Chunikhel, Lalitpur Metropolitan City – 25

Mailing address: G.P.O.: 8975, E.P.C.: 2350, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 977-1-5173373, 9841345175 Email: gancenterlalitpur@gmail.com
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